Revista de Estudios Brasileños

The Brazilian Studies Magazine, edited by Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, in collaboration with the Universidade de São Paulo, is offered as a dynamic academic channel of expression open to all those who are interested in everything that configures the identity of Brazil, in the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law. The objective of the magazine is to encourage and establish academic and scientific discussions, disseminate research, constituting a platform for Brazilian studies. Such objective reveals significant importance, given the development of Brazilian studies as a new area of ​​academic knowledge. Consequently, collaboration initiatives in joint academic research between different universities are growing, and in this context of exchange of ideas between academic communities of "Brazilianists" inside and outside Brazil, the Journal of Brazilian Studies assumes an active and dynamic space. Once the REB editorial line has been defined, its direct recipients are the academics and researchers who study Brazil, as well as users who, due to their professional activity, may have some specific interest in the Brazilian reality. It is a biannual journal that, in each issue, in addition to the editorial and a general section, made up of articles approved from the double-blind peer review system that deal with issues related to In the editorial line, an interview with a relevant figure of the Brazilian intelligentsia or international Brazilianism is published, and a dossier that deals with a topic in depth with articles that analyze it. Also included is a review section of recently published books on the topics covered by the magazine.

  • Publisher: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca
  • Place of publication:  Salamanca, Spain
  • Language : Spanish

    Available issues

  • 2021   16
  • 2020   14 15
  • 2019   12 13


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