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Edições Dykinson

Law, Economics and Business, Humanities, Education and Psychology.

Edições Iberoamericana Vervuert

Academic studies on Literature, History, Cultural Studies, Latinamerican Studies, Linguistics, Politics and society

Edições Patagonia

One of the first chilean digital publishing houses.

Edições Prensas Universitarias de Zaragoza

University of Zaragoza publishes all matters of academic interest.

Edições Universidad de Deusto

Interdisciplinary studies with dissemination, and specialized research in Humanities.

Edições Universidad de Salamanca

Publications that contribute to the development of science, technology, culture and education.

Edições Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Academic books oriented to the practical understanding of our world.

Edições USTA

Editions USTA is the imprint of St. Thomas University, the first university cloister of Colombia

Edições Vercial

New Portuguese fiction and classicals. Linguistics, Culture, Literature and History.

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Business and Economics, Education Sciences and Humanities, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Law and Theology.